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Mohsen Qassemi

About Me

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Mohsen Qassemi

1986, Mashad, Iran

Persian (native)
English (fluent)
Arabic (reader)

BA in English Language and Literature

Field of Interest in Literature: Romanticism (Wordsworth, Shelley, and Keats)

Work E-mail:


Mobile: (+98) 915 816 5736

Hardline:(+98) 511 665 4750

Translations done but unpublished

مرجع سیاستگذاری اجتماعی (انتشارات دانشگاه امام صادق)
Father (Tragedy in Three Acts), August Strindberg

Ivan the Fool and His Two Brothers, Leo Tolstoy

Cask of Amontillado, Edgar Allan Poe

Ivy Day in the Committee Room, James Joyce

Ode to the West Wind, Percy Bysshe Shelley,

Prologue from The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer

My skill and experience at your service